WarmSculpting by SculpSure — Beyond the Belly

When you lose weight through diet and exercise, you can reduce the number on the scale, but you can’t control where on your body the weight comes off. After losing weight, your big accomplishment can feel overshadowed by frustration when you still have stubborn specific areas of fat that won’t come off.

With a revolutionary new non-surgical treatment called WarmSculpting™, you can now reduce fat deposits from stubborn areas that won’t go away by living a healthy lifestyle. Some WarmSculpting patients choose to get the procedure on their belly, but there are also several other areas of your body that can benefit from receiving WarmSculpting.

Discover the benefits of WarmSculpting treatment from board-certified plastic surgeon Raymund J. Llaurado, MD of Arroyo Grande and Santa Maria, California. Dr. Llaurado is the first physician in the central coast to offer this treatment.

What is WarmSculpting?

WarmSculpting is a quick, non-invasive outpatient treatment that uses advanced technology to reduce localized, specifically targeted areas of body fat. You most likely have particular areas of your figure that tend to retain fat. When targeted through WarmSculpting, each treatment reduces up to 25% of the fat cells in those areas.

The procedure uses laser energy to target and destroy your fat cells while keeping your skin and other surrounding tissues in your body safe. By directing heated laser energy at your fat cells, WarmSculpting damages them, causing your lymphatic system to break down and permanently get rid of your unwanted fat.

What areas does WarmSculpting treat?

The abdomen and belly areas are popular areas to get WarmSculpting, but the procedure also eliminates fat in other areas. The other locations where you can get WarmSculpting include your:

Back Inner thighs Outer thighs Under your chin Love handles

Who can get WarmSculpting?

If you’re close to or at your ideal weight and have found other methods of fat reduction, such as changing your exercise routine or diet, haven’t worked, WarmSculpting can help you attain the results you desire. Dr. Llaurado recommends WarmSculpting to healthy adults with a body mass index under 30.

WarmSculpting is a suitable fat reduction option if you’re busy and looking for a convenient fat reduction solution. You’ll get the results you desire with just a few office visits and avoid the risks and recovery time needed from getting surgery.

What happens during my WarmSculpting procedure?

Your treatment takes about 25 minutes and is an outpatient procedure taking place at Dr. Llaurado’s offices. Using the FDA-cleared Sculpsure® system, Dr. Llaurado carefully places applicators on the area of your body where you’d like to reduce fat.

You won’t feel any pain during your WarmSculpting treatment. As the laser technology works to destroy your fat cells, you’ll experience sensations of warmth and tingling.

When your WarmSculpting session is over, you can go right back to your regular activities. You can expect to see full results within 12 weeks. Most patients get the most benefit from multiple treatment sessions; Dr. Llaurado will recommend the ideal number for you based on your treatment goals.

This year, stop feeling frustrated by fat that won’t go away and get the figure you’ve always wanted without surgery or extreme lifestyle changes. Learn more about Sculpsure by making an appointment with Dr. Llaurado by phone or online.

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