Understanding DOT Fractional Laser Resurfacing

Throughout life, you can develop various imperfections on your skin. Discoloration, scarring, fine lines, and other bumps on your skin are difficult to get rid of, frustratingly marring your appearance.

Skin imperfections can feel irritatingly permanent, but thanks to the sophisticated, modern DOT CO2 fractional laser, it’s now possible to permanently eliminate or reduce the appearance of them forever. Board-certified plastic surgeon Raymund J. Llaurado, MD offers this effective and convenient treatment at his office in Arroyo Grande, California.

Find out more from Dr. Llaurado about how this life-changing laser resurfacing treatment works.

About laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is a cutting-edge procedure that uses laser technology to improve the overall appearance of your skin. This makes your skin appear more even and makes minor imperfections on your skin look less visible.

Laser resurfacing can treat various skin imperfections, including:

Sun spots and damage Age spots Fine lines and wrinkles Acne scars Minor scarring Warts

What is the DOT fractional laser?

The DOT fractional laser is a type of ablative laser resurfacing treatment. Using carbon dioxide, this advanced type of technology can target and smooth skin imperfections previously not treatable with other forms of laser resurfacing.

When Dr. Llaurado uses the DOT fractional laser, it works by penetrating your skin using pulses. These pulses enter your skin and encourage your skin to regenerate elastin and collagen by removing a layer of dead skin cells.

Once the dead layer of skin cells are removed, your skin regrows a new layer of skin with a fresher, more smooth-looking skin tone. This makes any skin imperfections you have significantly less visible.

Can I get DOT fractional laser treatment?

You can typically benefit from DOT fractional laser treatment if you have lines, spots, or old scarring on your face that you’d like to resolve. Laser resurfacing usually gets the best results if your skin tone is fair to moderate, but treatment can also work for other skin pigmentations. Dr. Llaurado evaluates your skin’s suitability for the treatment at your initial consultation.

You’ll need to wait to get this procedure if you currently have active scarring or acne in the areas Dr. Llaurado would use the DOT fractional laser. You’ll also need to agree to follow Dr. Llaurado’s after-care results to help your skin look its best, which can involve avoiding the sun after the procedure and being careful with using sun protection.

How treatment works with the DOT fractional laser

You can get your entire DOT fractional laser treatment in just 30 minutes. Dr. Llaurado ensures the experience is pain-free by using the pain-reducing strategy developed in your treatment plan at your consultation.

During the treatment, you wear goggles that cover your eyes while Dr. Llaurado controls the DOT fractional laser. He moves the laser thorough around the area you’ve chosen to have treated.

After getting the procedure, follow Dr. Llaurado’s post-treatment directions to ensure your skin regrows with a healthy, glowing appearance. You recover more quickly after DOT fractional laser treatment than from other types of laser resurfacing and can return to the majority of your activities right after a treatment session.

To find out if DOT fractional laser resurfacing is right for eliminating your skin imperfections, schedule your appointment with Dr. Llaurado online or at 805-270-2046 today.

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