Resolve to Turn Back the Clock this Year with a Surgical Facelift

This New Year’s Eve, instead of making a slew of resolutions that you know you’ll never keep, just make two: Resolve to turn back time and to be more efficient. Luckily, it’s easy to keep both resolutions by finally getting a beautiful, natural-looking surgical facelift

A surgical facelift is the best, most dramatic, and longest-lasting way to turn back time (you just kept Resolution No. 1). But a facelift saves you time, too. 

Instead of running around getting touch-ups of dermal fillers and Botox® every few months, you wake up each morning looking fresh, rejuvenated, and ready to go. By streamlining your beauty routine and making it more efficient, you kept Resolution No. 2.

Expert facial plastic surgeon, Raymund J. Llaurado M.D., resolves to help you face the new year looking 10 years younger with an expertly performed surgical facelift. At his office in Arroyo Grande, California, you can fulfill your resolutions with a traditional deep-plane facelift or Dr. Llaurado’s patented, less-invasive LiteLift®

Improving on tradition

Your face sags and creases over time because your skin loses key structural elements, such as collagen, elastin, and the underlying layer of fat. The superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) that lies directly beneath your skin and the muscle layer that’s under the SMAS also become weaker and less elastic with time. You might notice troubling signs of aging such as:

Less facial volume Deep creases at your nose and mouth Lower face sagging (jowls) Sagging neck and chin Wrinkles and furrows

Dr. Llaurado developed the LiteLift for women and men who want to lift, firm, and tone their skin without a lot of downtime. In a traditional facelift (aka rhytidectomy), your surgeon tightens and lifts all of the layers of your face: skin, SMAS, and muscle. To cut your muscles, your surgeon must make large incisions in your skin to reach that deepest layer. 

One of the main reasons that a traditional facelift requires months of recovery is because the muscles take a long time to heal after your doctor cuts, tightens, and restitches them.

In a LiteLift, Dr. Llaurado only cuts, tightens and lifts the SMAS and skin. 

A little lift goes a long way

By concentrating on only the middle SMAS layer and skin in a LiteLift, Dr. Llaurado can use much smaller incisions. Smaller incisions shorten your recovery time and are nearly invisible once they heal. The SMAS also heals more quickly than pure muscle, so you can get back to your normal activities in record time. 

With a LiteLift, Dr. Llaurado only lifts your skin and SMAS vertically, which creates a more natural look than the horizontal lifting that’s necessary for a traditional facelift. Even though a LiteLift® doesn’t lift the underlying muscle, the results are often superior to a deep-plane facelift, particularly in women and men who are younger than 70. Expect to look about 10 years younger for many years to come.

Custom-make your facelift

Not everyone’s a candidate for a LiteLift. If you have significant amounts of sagging and loose skin, you may benefit more from a traditional rhytidectomy that lifts and tightens the muscles under the SMAS, too. But you don’t have to decide alone. When you come for your New Year’s facelift consultation, Dr. Llaurado carefully examines your skin quality, underlying bone structure, and fat distribution to ensure you get the procedure that works best for you.

Whether you’re getting a traditional facelift or a LiteLift, you can add in other rejuvenating surgeries at the same time to give every area of your face new life for the new year. Choose from:

Brow lift to smooth the forehead and lift the brow Upper blepharoplasty to tighten drooping lids Lower blepharoplasty to remove eye bags Neck lift to tighten and firm the neck and jawline

Resolve to start on your natural, refreshed look today by contacting our office for a facelift or LiteLift. Phone our friendly staff in the office nearest you or book an appointment online.

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