Popular Uses of Facial Fillers

As you get older, various signs of aging tend to appear on your face, many of which can be unwelcome. It used to be that you simply had to accept wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging, but now, it’s possible to turn back time with very natural-looking, non-surgical procedures.

Cosmetic fillers are a highly sought-after facial rejuvenation treatment that revitalizes your appearance in just one quick appointment. Board-certified plastic surgeon and cosmetic fillers specialist Raymund J. Llaurado, MD, located in Arroyo Grande, California, and Santa Maria, California, explains the most common reasons he recommends cosmetic fillers.

Learning more about cosmetic fillers

Cosmetic fillers are a popular anti-aging injectable treatment. In a quick visit to one of Dr. Llaurado’s offices, you can get results that make your face look younger and fresher, which last up to two years.

The different cosmetic fillers Dr. Llaurado uses all work by softening your face and giving it a fuller appearance. This gives you an enhanced appearance that is fully refreshed and brings back the youthful vibrancy in your face.

The most popular reasons to get cosmetic fillers

There are a number of ways cosmetic fillers have the potential to enhance your appearance. Most cosmetic treatments are anti-aging in nature, but dermal fillers also have other benefits.

Adding volume to the face

Beginning in your 30s, with every new decade, your face loses volume. The result is lost fullness in your face, which can make you appear older.

Cosmetic fillers restore the lost volume in your face you giving it a plump, full appearance with injections to your cheeks and temples.

Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and creases

Getting cosmetic fillers takes away the appearance of folds, wrinkles, and fine lines that have appeared in many parts of your face. Areas cosmetic fillers soften include creases by your mouth, nose, and lips.

Lessening shadows under your eyes

Dark undereye circles tend to intensify as you age and can dull your appearance. Cosmetic fillers help reduce some shadows under your eyes caused by the lessening of volume in the area.

Lip augmentation

Cosmetic fillers plump up the volume of your lips, giving them a fuller appearance. Fillers can be an excellent treatment if you’ve lost lip volume during the aging process or would like your lips to appear softer and plumper.

Contouring your face

Dr. Llaurando can use cosmetic fillers to make certain areas of your face appear more sculpted or less shallow, as well as minimize any facial deformities. For example, cosmetic fillers can contour a soft-looking chin or add volume to a recessive chin.

Decreasing the appearance of scars

No matter how old you are, cosmetic fillers also help make some types of scars less visible on your face. Your scars are less apparent thanks to the softening effect offered by cosmetic fillers.

Make an appointment today for cosmetic filler treatment

On their own or combined with other anti-aging treatments, cosmetic fillers give you a softer and fresher appearance. At your initial consultation, Dr. Llaurado evaluates you and devises a recommended treatment plan to meet your facial rejuvenation goals.

To learn more about cosmetic fillers and the benefits they bring, call Dr. Llaurado’s office locations in Arroyo Grande or Santa Maria, or book online to schedule an appointment.

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