Office-Based Lifting Procedure: LiteLift®

Are you considering a face-lift? If so, you may be feeling overwhelmed. There are so many different procedures and techniques, some of which are marketed very aggressively. It can be confusing simply trying to understand your options.

One of the most important steps in figuring it all out is working with a board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Llaurado. He will be happy to answer your questions, address your concerns, and cut through the marketing hype to offer you solid, expert advice.

Reasons you may be considering a face-lift

If you are displeased with your appearance, a face-lift may be the right answer. How your face ages depends on many factors, but genetics plays a big role. If all of your older relatives have sagging jowls by the time they are 50, you probably will, too.

Whether you feel your sagging cheeks detract from your overall appearance, you’re unhappy with those nasolabial folds and so-called marionette lines around your nose and mouth, or you don’t like the softness of your jawline, there’s a high likelihood that a face-lift could improve your self-esteem. There are benefits to choosing a surgical procedure rather than relying on Botox®, fillers, or other anti-aging techniques.

A recent trend has more younger people seeking face-lifts. That is due in part to more effective and less invasive procedures. The LiteLift® is a perfect example.

Traditional face-lift vs. the LiteLift®

There are several types of face-lifts. You may have heard of thread lifts and minilifts, for example. Traditionally, a face-lift involves the surgeon making a small incision and pulling your skin upward to tighten it.

You may have seen people who obviously “had work done.” Now, newer techniques mastered by a highly skilled surgeon such as Dr. Llaurado prevent that stretched-tight look. Rather than addressing only your skin, a face-lift will address the underlying musculature and tissues, resulting in a far more natural look.

LiteLift is a type of face-lift that requires smaller incisions and is often performed in Dr. Llaurado’s office. An in-office procedure with a local anesthetic requires much less time than one performed in a surgical theater with full anesthesia.

The recovery time is also far shorter with LiteLift than with a traditional face-lift procedure. Smaller incisions heal more quickly and pose less risk of infection, and you are likely to experience less swelling.

You may opt to combine a LiteLift with other procedures, such as a brow lift or dermal fillers. Addressing all of your problem areas at the same time will fully rejuvenate your appearance and speed up your overall recovery.

If you’re curious about the LiteLift technique, or if you have questions about who might want to consider a face-lift and when, book an appointment with Dr. Llaurado. He recognizes that you are a unique individual, and he’ll be glad to discuss your situation and goals with you.

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