Help! I Have Acne Scars

There’s no doubt about it, experiencing acne breakouts as an adolescent or adult is unpleasant. Even worse, though, is when your past breakouts remain permanently on your face through unsightly acne scars.

If you have scars from past acne that won’t go away, we have some great news for you: thanks to the state-of-the-art laser resurfacing treatment, Raymund J. Llaurado, MD has a permanent solution for your acne scars. By getting laser resurfacing treatment in Arroyo Grande, California, you can repair and eliminate the scar tissue causing your acne scars.

Here’s how laser resurfacing treatment can help you permanently eliminate evidence of your acne scars.

Laser resurfacing: the solution to acne scarring

Your acne scars form as your body attempts to heal your skin from past acne breakouts. As your body works to heal itself after an acne breakout, your body produces collagen. Too much or too little collagen during the healing process can cause acne scars like raised bumps and depressed, receding pits on your skin.

The laser resurfacing process gives your body another opportunity to heal acne scarring. When Dr. Llaurado uses the DOT CO2 fractional laser on your acne scars, the laser breaks up your top skin layers using light energy.

This process breaks up any scar tissue in that area, while encouraging your body to produce new, healthy skin by producing more collagen and elastin. This regrowth process causes many positive changes in your skin, including:

Decreasing the appearance of any acne scars Reducing any discoloration in the area Lessening inflammation

When you can get laser resurfacing treatment

At your initial consultation, Dr. Llaurado does a thorough intake to ensure laser resurfacing is a good fit for your needs.

Usually, Dr. Llaurado recommends getting laser resurfacing treatment if you have previously had acne in the past and have evidence of acne scarring from those breakouts. The procedure tends to have the best results on individuals with fair to medium skin tone.

If you’re currently experiencing active acne breakouts in the area where you wish to have laser resurfacing, you’ll need to wait until the breakouts have stopped before getting them treated. You’ll also need to wait up to a year before getting laser resurfacing after finishing certain types of acne medications.

The simple laser resurfacing process

Getting laser resurfacing to eliminate acne scarring is a simple, quick process. A couple of weeks before the procedure, you might need to make a few simple adjustments to your routine, like temporarily eliminating skin products with retinol in them and avoiding smoking and medications that thin blood.

Once the day of your procedure arrives, you’ll be in and out of Dr. Llaurado’s office in just half an hour. Before using the DOT laser, Dr. Llaurado ensures you’re comfortable and safe by numbing the skin being treated and giving you safety eye goggles to wear.

Often, you’ll only need one quick laser treatment to make acne scars disappear to get your best results. Don’t forget to follow your personalized aftercare instructions to ensure you heal fully.

To learn more about getting laser resurfacing treatment to bring new life to your skin after acne scarring, call 805-270-2046 or book online to schedule your consultation.

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