ALMI Fat Grafting: An All-Natural Alternative to Dermal Fillers

We can counteract some of the signs of aging in your face, neck, and hands without surgery by injecting synthetically-derived dermal fillers under your skin. This helps restores a youthful appearance by plumping up the topmost layer of skin and making it seem as if your wrinkles and lines have disappeared.

The ALMI™ method takes the dermal filler concept several steps further by using all-natural ingredients to restore youthful contours to your cheeks, chin, and under-eye area, plump your lips, and rejuvenate the skin on your hands. But it’s not just a filler.

ALMI is a three-step process, performed in one office visit, that uses your body’s own natural regenerative substances to rebuild the underlying tissue structures that help keep your skin firm, smooth, and wrinkle-free during youth.

It won’t make you look 15 again and can’t provide the same benefits as a facelift, but ALMI is an excellent choice for women and men who are not yet ready for cosmetic surgery.

It’s also an excellent tool for restoring desired volume to your face after weight loss. And it can also fill in acne scars and smooth out skin imperfections caused by previous surgery or trauma.   

What ALMI can treat

We can use ALMI to:

The ALMI technique

In the simplest of terms, ALMI is a type of transplant that moves fat from one area of your body to another. We use needles rather than scalpels for the procedure, carefully recontour the problem site with injections so it appears completely natural, and essentially eliminate the risk of rejection by using your own tissue for the transplant.

Breaking down the acronym often helps our patients understand the ALMI technique:

The first step in the process requires a thorough medical evaluation and detailed discussion of ALMI and what you can expect from the treatment.

On the day of your procedure, after numbing the site, we extract a small amount of adipose tissue (another nice medical term for fat) from your abdomen or flank. This harvested tissue is immediately processed to remove unwanted cellular material, and then it’s micronized (liquified) and placed in a syringe. We inject the regenerative substance into the preselected treatment areas, which we also numb beforehand to prevent any discomfort. And you’re done.

You may notice slight swelling or mild bruising at the injection sites afterward, and we give you instructions to help reduce that, but most of our patients see improvement immediately after the procedure. Because there aren’t any incision lines to hide or heal, you can expect to return to normal activities right away.

The ALMI advantage

It’s all-natural and uses only tissues that are extracted from your own body. Since we don’t introduce a foreign substance into your system with ALMI, we eliminate potential allergic reactions and other problems noted with synthetically-produced dermal fillers.

The results can last for two years or more, and sometimes indefinitely. Many traditional dermal fillers break down after a few months, and you’ll require further injections to maintain results.

Along with filling in wrinkles, hollow areas, and other skin imperfections, ALMI introduces powerful regenerative substances to the treatment areas that your body uses to heal and repair tissue structure. Traditional dermal fillers don’t improve your skin’s texture or tone. They simply make it appear plumper for a time.

For more information about ALMI and what it can do for you, call today for an appointment or book your visit online.

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