5 Tips for a Speedy Recovery After Eyelid Surgery

Do you have an upcoming eyelid surgery? Thinking about recovery after any surgery can make you a little nervous. However, having surgery on your face might make you a bit more worried than you would be with your average operation.

Rest easy though, because Dr. Llaurado and our care team provide detailed aftercare instructions to our patients. Ahead of your eyelid procedure, we want you to know a few essential things, so here are five ways you can prepare for a speedy recovery.

1. Follow postsurgical instructions

Following surgery, our care team provides you with instructions about medications to take, symptoms to report, and how to care for your eyes and any incisions. We’ll review this with you before you leave and then provide a written copy of all instructions, too. Be sure to keep this document close by for the first few weeks after surgery so that you can refer to it for guidance.

2. Take time off work

It’s critical to avoid excessive movements or abrasions while you heal. The swelling and bruising will subside in about 10-14 days, so you might want to plan around this before you return to work or other community activities. However, it’s important to know that full healing will take a few months. If you have a lot of responsibilities at home, like caring for children or pets, consider asking friends and family for a bit of help following surgery.

3. Use cold compresses

You can expect to have swelling and bruising that’s similar to having a black eye for a week or two after eyelid surgery. Use cold compresses or ice packs to ease the swelling. On the day of surgery, place an ice pack over the surgical area for about 10 minutes every hour. Starting on the day after surgery, you can reduce the use of ice packs to 3-4 times each day. Continue using ice packs as needed to reduce swelling. Remember to protect your skin with a towel and be sure to apply ice for only 10 minutes at a time.

4. Keep follow-up appointments

Before you leave the office, we’ll schedule a follow-up appointment for you to come back for a postsurgical evaluation. At this appointment, Dr. Llaurado will check your incisions, swelling, and overall progress. It’s crucial that you keep this appointment to ensure you’re healing as expected.  

5. Avoid these activities

When you have surgery, getting plenty of rest to allow your eyelids to recover is crucial to your overall satisfaction with the procedure. Dr. Llaurado and our care team want you to improve quickly, which means you might need to take a break from a few activities for up to two weeks after surgery.

Follow these guidelines:

Refrain from smoking Avoid rubbing your eyes Skip strenuous activities like jogging, cardio, and anything that requires straining Don’t swim Don’t lift heavy objects Avoid medications that can increase bleeding, like ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin Stay out of direct sunlight until your eyelids have fully healed

If you’ve been considering eyelid surgery, it’s time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Llaurado. Give either our Arroyo Grande or Santa Maria office a call or click the “book online” button today.

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